Conference 2019

This page is for planning the conference in May 2019.
See it a proposla for working together. If you like it, we can exceed the possibilities


  1. Arno Baltin <>,
  2. Dr. Dr. Christian Reichel <>,
  3. Prof. Dr. Daniel Erdmann" <>
  4. Arthur Trossen <>
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An international conference about mediation, where all our representatives from abroad will be able to participate.
The aim is to trigger out trends and ideas how to improve mediation, to show its universality and usability for a better world, where just a careful treatment of information will be of help. For that we will be looking for marks and trends where mediation has a chance to get there.


Barometer mediation
Subtitle: Why and how mediation becomes the benchmark for society and society becomes the benchmark for mediation. It seems that peope needs a further step of evolution until they are able to think like a mediator and to use mediation for their benefit.


Though the evaluation of the mediation law in 2018 recommended to not do anything, politicians complain that the ministery acts like recommended. Mediation needs the power of the state is what they claim. Newly in Greek, mandatory mediation was ordered. In Slovenia peolpe intend to recommend so, although the cases not always allow mediation, what will be ignored. Forcing people to what other think their luckinesss is, seems to be the ultima ratio, where mediators want to overcome missing interest in peaceful conflict resolution. In fact the examples we find in policy prove that they are right. Signs what to do are ignored. Perception is selective. Mediation is abused. The conference should work out whether this impression is true, why it happens like that and what to do to get out of it.

Time frame

Time frame suggested is:
Conference 3. and 4. May
workshops in front 30th of April by 2nd of May

Agenda (draft)

Thursday, May 2nd

  • 7 pm Dinner with friends and speakers

Friday, May 3, 2019 - 9 am - 10 am (Start of the conference)

  • 09.00 a.m: Registration, Come together

Friday, May 3rd 10 am - 3 pm (Frame in Confrence Style)

  • 10:00: Short welcome by the chairman
    introducing the topic: Why Barometer Mediation? A barometer is a forecasting tool. Correct prognoses are required for the mediation to unfold. The thesis of the conference is: We do everything possible to prevent this!
  • 10:20 Opening lecture:
    Vera Jourova, Member of the European Commission, responsible for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality (requested): "The role of the EU Commission for the dissemination and organization of mediation in Europe"
  • 11.00 clock coffe break
  • 11.30 clock: Dr. Katarina Barley, Member of the Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection (requested)
    "The role of the judiciary in the preparation and organization of mediation in Germany"
  • 12:30 Having lunch
  • 14.00 clock Impulse presentation
    "If the problem is part of the solution"Moti Mahoni described the development of mediation in Israel as the case of mediation (decline of meditation). We are on the same path in Europe. An inventory combined with a trend analysis can prove where corrections are necessary and how to deal with the evaluation of the mediation law.
  • 2:35 pm Appointment of trend scouts. Trend scouts will be electred from the audience. There are as many scouts like issues
  • 2.45 pm Initialization of the conference call, Introduction Arno, Chris, ...
    "The importance of (un) conferences in the mediation landscape" Aim and purpose: method training, overcoming self-referencing, therefore combination with Wiki to Yes, reading out trends, training, ...Idea: Invite organizer.
  • 15:00 Division into rounds with various unconference styles

Conference course 3:15 pm to 3:00 pm of the following day.

Self-organization by participants with the following topics and conference goals:

Round 1
"Dealing with Family Conflicts"

Short impulse contracts of max. 5 minutes
Speakers: Eberhard Kempf, Ralf Käppele, Jürgen Rudolf, ... FDO faction (change model)

Round 2
"Mediation in Economic Conflicts"

Short impulse contracts of max. 5 minutes
Speakers: Duve, ...

Round 3
"Mediation in Industries"

Short impulse contracts of max. 5 minutes
Speakers: Roland Zarges, Katharina Reinhold, ...

Round 4
"Mediation in science"

Short impulse contracts of max. 5 minutes

Round 5

Style: Fishbowl
Short impulse contracts of max. 5 minutes
Speakers: Janis Bordans (former Minister of Justice LV, ...

15:00 (4.3.2019)

Report of the trend scouts
Summary, results

On 3.4. 7 pm joint evening event (there is an impro theater in Berlin)


The conference will take place in Berlin.
We will hire a hotel. I hope and suggest that Daniel and Chris will find the best place which is affordable on the one hand and exclusive enough on the other hand

Proposals are

  1. Hotel Hollywood media (Kurfürstendamm)
  2. Riu Plaza ...


The conference will be in German and English.


A conference is as attractive as the speakers are.
Now my contacts to VIPs is not on a high level. We should try to find a patron
The idea to tailor a concept for the conference asap in order to convince people supporting us.

Ministry of justice and foreign affair should feel in duty to support and participate. I guess this depends on attractions. For that we need good teasers and impulse speeches.

List of VIPs and speakers

Idea: Speakers will introduce their topics on a list that will be chossen by the participants

  1. Janis Bordans former minister of Justice in LV invited
  2. Prof. Dr. Tsisana Shamlikashvili (International, Russland) invited + agreed
  3. Prof. Frank Diedrich (ADR, international) invited + agreed
  4. Prof. Moti Mironi (Haifa) (International, development of mediation) invited + agreed
  5. Gordana Riskin (Judge, Mediator, Slovenia), invited + agreed
  6. Dr. Srdan Shimaz (Judge, commercial court, mediator, president HUM) invited + agreed
  7. ...

You will see that all the issues are provocative, Again this is brain storming and you are welcome to add and improve.
My idea could be that we give some insights and thesis on a paper and invite people who have other ideas to discuss the proposals.


We have great experience with unconferences. I liked most our world coffee. With Arno I thought about a new style and even suggested that we could invite a new conference style. He proposed to think about ProactionCafe and to ask some graphic recorder to participate. I know as to be a nice tool for polls. In any case we should have and try some intriguing methods and techniques.

Examples of ProAction Café

ProAction Café

ProAction Cafe

Youtube video

Another option for encourageing discussion could be Circle


Ideas for Designing and Leading Unconference Sessions

Ten Simple Rules for Organizing an Unconference

All together now: Event formats for more practical sessions


Unconference Formats

20 Creative Formats to Refresh Your Conference in 2018

Impro Theater

Impro Theater Berlin

Improv Meetups in Berlin

Money and hosting

we will invest some money. But the conference should cost some fees also. 2 days could be 150 EUR. For sure we should offer some accommodation. I think we can reserve a room contingent without a risk if we have early applications.


for further planning and collecting good ideas I can offer to discuss on As a wiki we can open a wiki-page where everybody can add and correct what is in his mind. This is better then e-mails as the communication is less asynchronous since we all work on the same document. If you like the idea I will prepare something.

Time line

We urgently should finish planning or at least offering a convincing concept able to tease VIPs and sponsored (since we are a welfare organisation we all can acquire donations) for the conference. The planning shopukld be finished end of October. Then we start early enough for acquiring the conference as a big event.

next steps

Please see all the things mentioned before as loudly thinking. I suggest you add your ideas under each item and add further items if that is needed.

I suggest to make a sheet like followes:

Titel: xxx

Family section

  1. xxx
  2. xxx

Business section
  1. xxx
  2. xxx

Politics section
  1. xxx
  2. xxx

Miscellaneous section
  1. Aikido as a mean to learn the mediator's attitude (demonstration by Till

We should contact persons for lecturing and presenting attractions.

People to contact could be:

  1. Please add further contact persons
  2. Till who is Aikido-Mediator. He for sure will demonstrate the near of the attitude of an Aikido-fighter and
  3. ...

Concrete suggestions

If you agree with my proposal to make a plan with concrete suggestions what to do in order to improve the world we should start that sheet right now.
Suggestions what to really do in order to improve the world could be:

  1. open eyes project ( for better, less dramatic information
  2. funds for financing mediations
  3. certifying professionals (instead or added to certifications of education)
  4. introducing mediation as decision making aid
  5. wiki to yes as information platform and support for conflict resolution
  6. and so on

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